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Opena Case iPhone bottle opener


Opena on 3AWRoss and John from Melbourne’s 3AW have taken an interest in the Opena. Chris was on the radio this morning discussing the product and the Opena Kickstarter project. Listen to the MP3 below.

3AW Radio Chat


New Opena Teaser

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How to use your Opena

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As we will be starting to ship units in about 2 weeks we thought it might be a good idea to demonstrate the preferred methods for using your Opena while having fun and looking cool.  We have been using and testing the product for the past few months so watch the video below for a few of our favorite opening moves!



Not long now…

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It’s been a busy last couple of weeks at Opena HQ. We have almost finalised the tooling and are ready to hit the GO button on production. Our factory tells us we’ll be looking at 10-15 days of manufacturing, packing and shipping off to our distribution centre in LA. Once the parts hit the distribution centre its going to take a good week to get all the orders processed and sent out to all you guys so we’re still on schedule to ship in August but you might not receive your Opena’s until early September. We’re doing out best to speed this up as much as is humanly possible.


CP and white Opena on the chairlift

So as we have been using black Opena’s most of the time and we figured it was time to take the white version out for an adventure, so what better place than the snow.  The white open got a great response during the extensive snow and cold weather testing at Mt Hotham in Victoria, Australia.


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Funded party went off!

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To celebrate the fact that the Opena reached its funding goal we threw a funding party on Friday night out at Opena HQ. All limited edition backers were invited to join the festivities and a heap of beer was kindly provided by Broo Beer and McLaren Vale beer. We put on a heap of food to feed the hungry backers and had some funky tunes pumping all night long! A good 300 beers were opened by our two prototype Opena’s and they performed with out a hitch. There’s more photos up on our facebook page so drop in and check them out. Don’t forget to like the page while your there!


Rob and Chris


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Well its been a wild ride but the funding is over and we’re well and truly funded (188% to be exact!!) A huge thank you to all our backers! Once again we couldn’t have done it without you.

In a few days we will be sending around a survey asking for your postal address, what colour/s you want and just other general information to help us get the Opena’s to you ASAP.

Kickstarter Funding Graph for the Opena

With regards to production we’ve ordered the tooling and should have some images of it being built next week. This is the longest part of the manufacturing process as the tool is fairly complex (see below) but we’ve got some great guys doing this for us and the Case is going to look fantastic!

Plastic inkection mold for the Opena

If you have any friends that want an Opena but missed out on this Kickstarter project, they can now pre-order an Opena from

final kickstarter funding details

The Opena is funded, thanks to 578 awesome backers pledging 188% of our initial $15,000 funding goal.


Rob Ward and Chris Peters in THE AGE

We have been featured in THE AGE and the SYDNEY MORNING HERALD and heaps of new Aussie backers are jumping on board the Opena train before the Kickstarter project finishes. Funding currently at 145% with 459 backers.